Account planner


Planners are also sometimes known as Strategists, or Strategic Planners. By researching and talking to customers they learn what makes them tick, how they think and behave, and this information helps them develop a strategy – a way to approach the customers. This guides the creatives when coming up with ideas. Working across the business and closely with clients, the Account Planners are looking to find the right communication strategy for the right audience and then to inspire the creative teams to create it all.

Career progression

Your contribution to campaigns, the strength of the insights you provide and the ability to have extremely strong relationships within the agency will determine how quickly these promotions happen.

To be successful you'll need...

To be a consumer detective - be super curious, question everything and get excited by finding new information or find ways to identify what you want to know more about.
Happy to share insights early, and accept that you will never know everything, constantly learning and re-learning.
Lateral, analytical and strategic thinking, you are able to take creative thinking and apply it to business problems. Equal parts creative and logical.
To be fascinated by human behaviour, the social trends they follow, the impact of culture and how people are influenced.
Driven by numbers – analysing, interpreting, understanding and communicating complex and varied sources of data and statistics.
Pretty disciplined, autonomous and sometimes, quite academic in your approach.
A strong and persuasive communicator – can you simplify your research and strategic thinking, as well as draw coherent and logical conclusions.

Common Study Choices for Account Planners

Given the strong emphasis on human-centric approaches in this area of the agency, you are encouraged to pursue your preferred tertiary study. This enables you to leverage your existing knowledge while enhancing your research skills, analysis and critical thinking,  leading to the generation of valuable insights.

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Getting a job as an Account Planner

Many Planners start in other parts of the agency – as either Account Managers, Data Analysts or Market Researchers. This allows for you to get a good idea of how everything fits together before moving into a more strategic role.

Those roles could all be recruited for through graduate programmes (such as The Comms Council Grad Programme, before working your way towards a strategists role within the agency.

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